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Anna Baird

Well, well...nice to pick on the fat people, the smokers, and the alcoholics. Like there aren't any business types that aren't guilty of those sins! Don't those people have enough problems without being further ridiculed in your book?

Anna Baird

which reminds me, what with you do with the fat smoking alcholic business owners who are in deep financial crisis?

Philip Campbell

Not trying to pick on anyone. The quote in the post was from David Maister's book titled Strategy and The Fat Smoker. David is a consultant to other consultants and advisors and his message is meant to be helpful on a couple fronts.

First, that we all have bad habits and problems and we all tend to wait until a crisis before we either ask for help or try to make changes for the better.

Second, that same tendency is present in how people tend to run their companies. He tries to help consultants better understand themselves and their clients so they can help them solve problems and sometimes push clients a bit to work on issues and challenges before the crisis arrives.

It is all meant in the spirit of being a helpful resource to business owners and recognizing we all have challenges to overcome.

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